Miranda! “Don” – I don’t understand much Spanish, but I do get the gist of “es un soooolo / es un guitara de Lolo!,” or at at least I do when it’s followed by a sweet little guitar solo. Lyrics are almost entirely besides the point with a melody bomb like this – if anything, not knowing the words is only a detriment in that it makes it a little harder to sing along. But only a little bit! (Click here to buy it from Ce Musica Latina.)

Enon “Conjugate The Verbs” – When this song was released, I was 20 and in the middle of the worst period of depression that I’ve ever experienced. The specific reasons are very embrassing and I’m going to avoid bringing them up if you don’t mind, but the lyrics of this song had a strong resonance for me at the time, which is very strange if you take into account that these words are, to put the positive spin on it, extremely cryptic. I remember what I was feeling, but I’m not sure what I was thinking. There is almost no connection between what the words are actually saying and what I forced them to mean to me. (Well, except for “she’s on an unconscious mission to destroy you,” I guess.) It’s pretty clear now that I was mostly just responding to the arrangement and the way the song’s dynamic structure feels like falling through a series of trap doors, plunging to new low with each chorus.